How to get shredded and become a powerful man with uncommon confidence, without the crippling cycle of self sabotage and disappointment.


Are you a man or father ready lead your life with
a new sense of strength and confidence?

Build the ripped and lean body you've always wanted that commands respect wherever you go.
See a new man in the mirror, and bring this new identity into your relationships, family, and career.
Carve out a 6-pack as a mark of the man you've become.
Develop mental resilience and toughness to win your battles and overcome the challenges of life.

It’s time to stop carrying the extra weight of self doubt,
crippling vices, addiction, and body insecurity.

Looked yourself in the eyes and lied about your weight and bad habits.
Ignored your consciousness telling you that you gotta change your diet.
Escaped feeling empty and alone with alcohol and addictions.
Played small in life, letting your insecurities hold you back from your dreams.
Felt shame that you’re not showing up for your family or your partner like you know you could.

My name is Albert Chavez. I can help you because I’ve been through it too.

Going through the same challenges you are facing right now, made me the man I am today.

As a young man, I never addressed the wounds and trauma I experienced as a child, witnessing abuse and growing up without the support I needed. I pushed it all away and became a father at 22. Before I knew it, I was 29 and married with 3 kids. I avoided and buried the pain inside of me by working and raising a family.

In 2019, I was 47. An alcoholic, and divorced, my kids were grown up, and I was forced to be alone with nothing to distract me from the truth. At 47 years old I finally raised my hand, in shame and guilt for support, and had to learn to surrender. My actions had gotten to the point where my kids wouldn’t talk to me anymore, and I was forced to make changes quickly, or lose everyone I loved for good.

Finally, the pain of my outside circumstances became more unbearable than the pain I needed to go through to fix my shit, and I went to work to address these issues…

Since then, I’ve:

• Gotten rid of all my vices.
Rebuilt trust in the relationships with my kids and family.
• Built the mind and body I always wanted to have.

This is my focus every day. I am the living breathing billboard for everything I now share with other men and fathers.

I’ve now personally coached dozens of men to redeem themselves and become the men and fathers they needed.

The framework for my program combines the discipline I learned in 20 years of my mortgage business, the personal accountability I learned through my transformation with training and nutrition, and the years of lessons from fatherhood both as a deadbeat dad, and now as the proud father and grandfather I am today…


It’s not too late to Build Uncommon

Discipline. Confidence. Mental Resilience. Physical Strength.

The thing is, you don’t have to endure years of mistakes and suffering the way I did.

You can build the body you want and become the man you admire and respect most.

You just need the right blueprint.

And that’s why I created the exact system for you to follow to get uncommon results now.


The arena to get you the shredded body and mind you need to become the man you respect and admire most.


Inside the Built Uncommon program,
you will become Raw, Ripped, and Rare:

Drop weight, get lean, build muscle, and have more life-force

Create new sense of self worth, belief in yourself, & a new identity

Conquer your mind and stop being a slave to it.

Create and develop non-negotiable habits for the ripped, raw, and rare man within 

Become a part of a brotherhood and circle of men committed to being their most raw, ripped, and real selves.

Get clearer than you’ve ever been on your goals in life and who you want to become

The Built Uncommon™ Blueprint will train your mind with:



Cultivate discipline first thing every morning by facing off with yourself and taking time to really get to know yourself. 



Giving thanks for being alive and tapping into a high frequency state. Gratitude is not mental, it must come through ACTION.



Getting out of the mind and putting your body to work. We replace old vices with positive habits, and release toxins through movement.



Strength is in the restraint. Develop self control with food and daily actions. Treat your body better by focusing on the only thing you can control: YOU.

These key ingredients ensure that you build an unstoppable body and mind while shedding weight, vices, and self doubt.

Mentorship & Coaching with Albert Chavez

Built Uncommon™ Training & Nutrition

Daily + Weekly Accountability

Private Brotherhood & Community Support

ALL INCLUDED in the program:

• Custom Daily Workout Routines
• Custom Meal Planning & Daily Tracking
• ONE 1:1 Call with Albert Chavez for 10.0 Self Process
• Private App for Accountability with Trainer
• Weekly Community Calls for Accountability, Mindset, and Q&A
• “Elevated Mindset” Document for Weekly Reflection


UNLIKE other fitness programs, this program goes to the core.

• Other spaces FAIL to bring the rawness and edge like we do, which is here to sharpen you.

• Gains that last, because we make changes from the inside-out vs just addressing the external

• We don’t just change your body, we change your identity.

• We have limited space in each program to really be by your side

• We offer a community container that is REAL: safe, supportive, where you can be seen

There is no other fitness blueprint or training program that will:

Push you to your edge
See you for who you are
Support you with community
Mentor you into your greatness

BECOME YOUR 10.0 self

Uncommon. Unrecognizable. Unstoppable.

You will see results in the first 2 weeks by
following the Built Uncommon™ blueprint.

In 45 Days

You’ll have faced off and built habits that the old you simply was not capable of. Your self talk will be different. People will wonder what is going on.

In 10 Weeks

You’ll carry yourself differently, feel more confident than ever. The way you lead in your life will have changed – in your work, in your family, with women you date or your wife.

In 3-6 Months

You’ll be unrecognizable. Your appearance is different. Your attitude is different. Your actions are different. Your energy is different. What you are capable of in life is on another level.

Have a massive transformation in just 3-6 months.

3 months

6 months

Most students choose to go for 2 rounds, because at that point they LOVE the process and don’t want to stop.
(+ massive breakthroughs in months 4-5, but you’ll still have a full transformation from just 3 months)

If not now, when?

What will it cost you by not taking action?
Will you repeat these same cycles?
Fall back into the same patterns?
Keep being the victim of your life?
Keep trying to do it all alone?

Just remember this…

When a man is right with himself, his world is right.

When a man is not right with himself, his world is not right.

Our framework gets you on track with YOU, and your world will follow.
Look in the mirror and see the uncommon man you’ve built.
This is your chance.